Flipbook III

Performance Project

19/06 – 26/06/2017

Dansa / Performance

FLIPBOOK is a format for collaboration, located in the southeast on the island of Mallorca.
It is meant for students and professionals in Performance Art, Dance, Music Visual Arts and Writing in order to combine different approaches in group activities and make it one thing…

FLIPBOOK is an experiment. It is a workout of ideas, an exchange and a collaboration in movement, sound and image.

This year’s work title is:
Dancing a Landscape

Flipbook III

In its third year, FLIPBOOK III will present a variety of artists connected to SusaHee Performance.
Furthermore it is open to new people with curiosity and an open mind.

As in the years before, there will be the basic topic and work-in-progress about A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE and the question: What makes a place worth living?
Is it the community … is it the topography of a very certain space … is it peace or wealth … is it the love for a person, for the family… is it the work … Feng Shui … or is it just the internet access?
Is it a smell, a certain sound or the image of a landscape that makes a place worth living? Is it a geographically defined space anyway … or … may be a state of mind … an emotion …. is it in the past and becomes a vision … …how real is this place?

We go out to different locations in the neighbourhood: villages, small towns, harbours and, of course, we explore again the mediterranean landscape.
Apart from CAN TIMONER, this year FLIPBOOK collaborates also with the Fundació Juan Miró in Palma de Mallorca.

The participating artists come from Mallorca, the Spanish Mainland and from different European countries.

  • Work: Studio AZUL, Alquería Blanca, Ca`n Timoner, Fundaciòn Miró street and market places, harbour, Parque Natural Mondragó
  • Live: Private house of SusaHee nearby the village Alquería Blanca and the sea
  • Relax: Beaches 3 km away – Nature Resort Cala Mondragó

*******brainstorming, talks, Open-Source and public Performances******


SusaHee Performance, Susanne Helmes
Alquería Blanca, Mallorca
Performance Project
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